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Discipline From The Dean [Pt 2] - Free DDF Porn video preview

ddf Discipline From The Dean [Pt 2]
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Discipline From The Dean [Pt 2]

Discipline From The Dean [Pt 2]
as seen on houseoftaboo

When the dean of students, Clara G., returns to her office, her naughty pupil Gina is still standing there with the book on her head, trying to achieve some discipline in this life. “Do you want to learn even more about what your life will be like if you don’t buckle down and obey the rules?” says Clara G. “Yes, Ms. G.,” answers Gina. “Very well then. If you don’t have a good education, and furthermore if you have black marks all over your personal record as a citizen and perhaps end up in penal institutions, your options will be few! In fact, the only job that will be open to you will be that of streetwalking prostitute, a girl who sucks...


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