Mugur & Ivana Sugar
as seen on houseoftaboo
More Then She Bargained For [Pt 2]
Continuing housemaid Ivana Sugar’s kinky adventure from last week...after handcuffing herself to his bed and falling asleep with a buttplug, Ivana is discovered by her boss Mugur! He is not really angry but more amused and tantalized by her behavior. Immediately he starts spanking her, which wakes her up...oh dear, thinks Ivana, will I lose my job? I really need the paycheck...but no worries, because Mugur appreciates all-around household talent when he finds it! A maid who understands that sometimes she has to be spanked for her negligent service is a maid worth holding onto...and SPANKING! Up and down his chastising hand comes smacking onto her ch... Choose your DDF password here...
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