Athina and PussyKat
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Athina and PussyKat - Hungry for Toe
Lounging around on their bed one afternoon, wearing only their bras and pantyhose, girlfriends PussyKat and Athina naturally start to explore their pretty feet and pussies. The Hungarian Athina looks at the Asian French beauty’s feet first, pondering her toes through the sheer black fabric; meanwhile, PussyKat almost immediately starts sucking on Athina’s size nines through her hot pink tights! Athina rubs her feet and then her tongue against PussyKat’s box through her fabric crotch. We get some great views of Athina’s butt in these pantyhose porn leg fetish pics, and then our DDF cameras switch the angle so we can enjoy PussyKat’s pins and bare soles through her pantyhose. The girls tear their hosiery crotches so they can get closer to their clams, and we watch them get wilder and hungrier every step of the way until their tights come off completely and the girls can share their toes together in closeups that almost put YOUR tongue into the action too! You’ll see--there’s loads of toe sucking and toes on twats in this new exclusive Full HD foot worship fetish XXX video! Choose your DDF password here...
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