Sabby & Samia Duarte
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Sabby & Samia Duarte - Sole Study!
Now this is what we call a study period! Samia Duarte and Sabby are busy going over their homework for their graduate courses in human sexuality. Their professor has kindly allowed them to use the classroom for quiet and privacy. But Samia gets into a kinky mood and writes “Kiss My Toes” on her size 8.5 feet with a marker pen, and the next thing Sabby knows is he’s doing just that, and a whole lot more, as this Spanish beauty does some very un-academic things to his tool with her talented peds. Whether she’s sitting over him and jacking him with her soles, or he’s standing over her and she tugs out his cream with her toes all over the desk, t... Choose your DDF password here...
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