Chrystine & Sierra
as seen on hotlegsandfeet
There is something very erotic about watching...
Brunette Sierra and blonde Chrystine meet on the mat to settle their grudges (whatever those may be!) in a session of pantyhose wrestling. Clad in colorful tops and tights, they grab their hair and rip their clothes as they struggle and clinch. No girl maintains the upper hand (or is that “upper foot”?) for very long, and maybe that’s the point as they both get to bite on their nylon-sheathed peds, sit on their faces, pull pantyhose this way and that, and tussle in a very unladylike fashion over the mat and against the walls. Chrystine kicks Sierra but then the brunette overpowers her and rips Sierra’s sky-blue hosiery off her feet. Sierra jams... Choose your DDF password here...
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