Lia Rav & Franco Roccaforte
as seen on hairytwatter
Furry Flower meets King Dong!
Pretty Little Lia Rav thought her day was going to be just peaches and cream when she got up this morning and dolled herself up in white stockings, a sexy ruffled beige skirt, and pink top, but little did she know about her future encounter with Franco Roccaforte's monster King Dong Dick! Would she have stayed home in bed instead, had she known her bushy little pink flower was going to be parted like the red sea? Not a chance! From the moment Lia pulls her top up to reveal those muffin size, mouth watering tits, to the game of peek a boo she plays when she flashes her ass to us flipping up her skirt we get the feeling this girl can take some dick! Nice... Choose your DDF password here...
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