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Today Im bringing to your attention a new porn category I’ve noticed on the DDF Network — videos showing women shaving their pussies!

shaving pussy on camera

Amanda squats down, opens her legs and shaves her pussy right in front of us!

There has been DDF porn featuring hairy pussies for a while but these new xxx videos showing the women women lathering their pussies with shaving cream and shaving with a razor are new and have become frequent — DDF fans like them! I guess if they women have to shave their crotches anyway might was well capture it on camera right?

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Now it’s definitely arousing to watch as a woman shaves her own pussy. They know how to handle their vagina like noone else. They expertly move their fingers around to get the hairs between their pussy lips and the folds in their crotch… they know when to tug on their labia and when to rinse off and inspect their pussy for any pubic hair they may have missed…

hairy pussy shaving

DDF Network has alot of closeups of girls shaving their pussies

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I really hope the DDF Network keeps releasing these pussy shaving porn videos! They are hot and a nice change from the tons of sex and fucking videos lol!

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