Penny Lee
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Penny Lee - Easy Rider - A Giddyup Cowgirl Sexy Striptease
Giddyup gents and enjoy Penny Lee, as she makes you weak in the knees with her sexy, softcore, solo striptease. If you're a man of the farm, and barns turn you on, then this is specifically for your cock, cowboy! She's got moves that will make you want to throw a lasso around her and corral her in the bedroom, but for now you can think about that and watch this! The British blonde babe in her booty shorts, cowgirl boots and checkered bra has on the perfect outback ensemble. Swaying to the tune, undressing one button at a time and exposing her big tits she gives her natural tits a little titty play and tempts you with her perfect bongos that you'll enjoy beating off to. Keeping you engaged with her green eyes, she slowly divulges her curvy ass that is spank and ride worthy. And parting those lil' legs, the college girl's shaved pussy is right there, calling us in for a close up. You'll definitely want in on seeing a piece of this country girl's sweet snatch. Choose your DDF password here...
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